To advance Theravada Buddhism in the United Kingdom; - To advance the education of the public concerning and Buddhism as practised in the Burmese culture; - The relief of poverty, sickness and distress arising there from and of old age and in particular but without limiting the foregoing of persons who are adherents of the Buddhism faith.


TVA resident monks

Ashin Janaka Ashin Lokanatha Ashin Nyana
Ashin Janaka Ashin Lokanatha Ashin Nyannawantha


Current TVA trustee
1. Daw Moly Soe President
2. Dr. Aung Yi Vice President
3. Justin King (U Hla Win Aung)  
4. U Nyi Nyi Secretary
5. Ma Mon Mon Tun Secretary
6. Ma Zar Zar Win Treasurer
7. Ma Kay Zin Win Joint Treasurer
8. Daw Zarni Win Coordinator
9. U Htein Kyi Lin Adviser