Founder of Tisarana Vihara Association

Ashin Nyanika


The most Venerable Myaung Mya Sayardaw , Ashin Nyanika , the chief monk of Pajjotarama Pali University, Myaung Mya Town in Myanmar ( Burma ) was born on 8th August,1917 at the Phayagone  Village in the respectable suburb of Bassein City, Myanmar. He joined the monastic order as a young Novice at the age of twelve to study Buddhism.He was ordained as a Buddhist Monk at the age of twenty on 15th November,1937.Since then he dedicated his entire life with immense devotion to the study of Tripitaka of Buddha’s teachings written in Pali Language.

He was the author of several articles and books on Theravada Buddhism including “ Dullabha Sasana “, “Introduction of Buddhism into Myanmar” and the Abhidhamma treatises in English language . He founded the Tisarana Vihara in London,UK and in Perth, Australia in order to deliver his heartfelt expressions of the teachings of the Buddha throughout the world.

He peacefully passed away on  8th June 1997 at the Tisarana Vihara in London.It was a great loss for the Buddha Sasana and the devout Buddhists in the whole international community . The booklet of his autobiography was distributed in both Burmese and English language at the funeral service in London.